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  • Bathroom, Crawl-Space and General Ventilation Solutions

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Thank you for contributing to our family’s health and comfort. With the new heater installed, we noticed a difference in air quality immediately. The guys did a fantastic job. They were friendly, efficient, and we hardly noticed they were here. We will enjoy Poly Tech’s work for years to come.
— Michael Woodrum

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Our Mission

To offer a much needed service for people who want or need an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) System for home or business that will actually clean the indoor air, and purge the occupied space of pollutants that can cause long and short term health problems and discomforts.

To provide healthy indoor air quality, at a level far beyond the traditional industry HVAC standards.

To assist in addressing our clients' other indoor environmental concerns through our association with other independent environmental specialists.

To provide exceptional, courteous, prompt service to our clients, in line with the quality of our workmanship.


Poly Tech Environmental have done several jobs at my home and office, and to say they do excellent work is an understatement. They are my heating and air team for life.
— Ed Begley, Jr.

About the owner

Vince Cord, Owner

Vince Cord is a Southern California native, who, during 16 years of working in the HVAC industry, developed a deep interest in helping people improve the healthfulness and efficiency of their homes, and, as a result, their own health and well-being. Vince subsequently trained with some of the top Environmental and Building Science experts in the United States, and in 1999 became founder and president of Poly-Tech Environmental, Inc., working with a comprehensive network of environmental experts to diagnose and remediate a wide range of indoor air quality problems.

Everyone should breathe easily.
— Vince Cord

Poly-Tech Environmental’s highly trained technicians are proficient in installing systems that will actually clean the indoor air, and purge the home of pollutants that can cause health problems and discomforts, based upon Building Science and Bau Biologie.

His years of experience and extensive training from Bau-Biologists and Building Science experts in the realm of building performance and the proper design and installation of HVAC systems, have resulted in Vince being sought after as a speaker and a consultant, in addition to operating his company.

Vince is a popular presenter at the West Coast Green conference, as well as sharing his expertise with groups of architects, home inspectors and students. He has conducted seminars for such organizations as the California Real Estate Inspectors Association and the Sustainable Building Advisory Program. Vince continues to further his knowledge of the latest and most up-to-date discoveries in healthy and energy efficient building, through such organizations as the California Building Performance Contractors’ Association and IHACI.

Vince’s affiliations and certifications:

  • Indoor Air Quality Association

  • Institute of Heating and Air-Conditioning Industries

  • Better Business Bureau

  • Mold abatement certified

  • Building Performance Institute certified as a Building Analyst and Air-conditioning and Heat Pump installer/technician

  • North American Technician Excellence certified technician

  • Energy Star Home Performance

  • “Best in L.A.” in Los Angeles Magazine

  • Serves as an advisor on the Board of West Valley Occupational Center’s heating, air conditioning and refrigeration program

Vince’s successful business is based on integrity, in every aspect, and is known and respected throughout the environmental community, both in Los Angeles and across the country.



You should know

  1. Leading HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) non-profit trade associations and the EPA are concerned that indoor air can be many times more polluted than outdoor air.

  2. Most HVAC systems actually suck contaminants into a building from crawl spaces, attics and wall cavities.

  3. Many furnace filters are designed only to protect the heating and air conditioning equipment from extreme dust and dirt contamination and do nothing for air quality.

  4. Home HVAC systems rarely provide any ventilation; only recirculated air.

  5. Most homes lose 20-30% of their heated and cooled air to the outside atmosphere; even those with expensive high efficiency equipment.

  6. Most HVAC systems contain fiberglass insulation. Respirable fiberglass is classified as a lung irritant and a carcinogen, and in some cases can cause severe illness.

  7. Existing building codes do nothing to address air-quality.

  8. We use a thorough and detailed HVAC installation and renovation protocol, compiled by some of the best HVAC and environmental professionals in the world.

As a Green Designer, my aim is creating living spaces that are energy efficient, healthy, durable and beautiful.

My family has environmental allergies and are chemically sensitive, so it was imperative that I worked with someone that understood our needs. Now we all feel great all year long and our utility bills are lower as well. Thanks Poly-Tech for a great job!
— Kristina Urbanas Spencer, Setting the Stage Interior Design, LLC | SettingTheStageInteriorDesign.com

You guys did a wonderful, thorough job of installing our heat and now we have a toasty home! Oscar and Eric were very courteous and respectful and it was a pleasure having them here for a couple of weeks.
— LD

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